Choice Industrial Solutions

Safety Is Our FIRST Priority!

Choice Industrial Solutions has made a commitment to provide safe working conditions for all of our team members and yours. This is accomplished through:

  1. Continued safety education, promoting lasting interest in safety and health that meets OSHA standards.
  2. All team members are expected to participate in safety education opportunities.
  3. All team members are expected to comply with all applicable laws and codes.
  4. All team members are expected to promote safety with our customers.
  5. Working collaboratively with you for job site safety.

Choice Industrial Solutions works with all of our customers to promote workplace safety. We encourage our team members to identify any potential improvements that can be made at a work site or in our safety program. Since so much of our work is accomplished on your site, this is an integral part of our safety program.

We cannot say it enough. Safety is our first priority!

All of our team members are expected to take personal responsibility for their own safety, to follow all safety rules and procedures, and to be mindful of the safety of others. Ongoing safety training gives our team members the tools they need to accomplish these objectives.

Because safety is a core value at Choice Industrial Solutions, we are committed to:

  • Protecting the safety of our team members and customers.
  • Complying with safety laws, standards, and procedures.
  • Working together to continuously improve our safety program.

Choice Industrial Solutions works collaboratively with your company to adapt and promote workplace safety. As a prospective customer, we want you to know that our safety program is available for your review.