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Choice Industrial Solutions specializes in Fiber Reinforced Plastics Repair and Protective Coatings on many different types of surfaces and substrates. Preventive maintenance and repairs are often a more cost-effective solution to replacement in many cases. Parts can be difficult to procure or face long lead times.

The first step in our proven process is to clean the cooling fan blades. We use power washers and other tools in our arsenal to restore all blades to their original condition by removing mineral and environmental buildup from the blade surface.

The next step in our blade life-extending process is to inspect all blades for any areas that need repair. We repair any nicks, dings, and erosion to the blade, leading edge, and trailing edges. Using UV-resistant resins and epoxies, we return the fan blades to “like new” condition.

After cleaning and repairing the cooling fan blades, we refinish the blades using a fully submersible and UV-resistant-grade epoxy. We complete our restorative process only after checking the balancing of the fan to ensure optimal operation for years to come.

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