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Choice Industrial Solutions specializes in protective coatings and FRP repairs. Our customers benefit from customized repair solutions tailored to their individual needs. Many Issues faced by a facility has a solution that can be addressed with the proper protective measures and repair procedures.

Once a tailored solution is implemented customers experience lowered maintenance costs and extended equipment life. Protective coatings can extend the usable life cycle of your equipment and structures that are exposed to harsh conditions anywhere in your facility. Pipe connections, railing, decking or cowlings are some examples of repairable projects.

When repairs are required, our technicians evaluate and perform the necessary repairs and safely return the issue to full function and performance.

Cooling Tower Fan Blade Repair

We take great pride in our proven process of cleaning, repairing, and refinishing cooling tower fan blades at huge savings. Our restoration services cost only about 50% of replacement parts, and because we work on your blades without removing them from your cooling tower, we can dramatically reduce your downtime. 

Industrial Fan Blade Before Image
Industrial Fan Blade After Image

After all, cooling tower fan blade repair, as well as fiberglass repair and coatings, need not be disruptive. We can always work during one of your company’s scheduled maintenance periods.

One area that Choice Industrial Solutions has found great success performing repairs in cooling towers. Cooling tower fan blades are often subjected to high wear environments and/or chemical attack. In most of these cases these expensive parts can be repaired. Wear caused by drift, damage caused by impact and extensive UV damage can all be cured. Repair plans are drafted to your facilities needs to provide the best results. Fan cowling damage can be repaired as well. Fan cowling damage can be repaired as well.

Top Benefits We Offer:

  • Time and Cost Savings
  • Hassle-Free Process
  • Blade Protection Maintenance Program
  • Sustainability

The Process

While there are only three technical steps to our cooling tower fan blade services—clean, repair, and refinish—below is the complete process we follow for every job from start to finish:

On-Site Inspection

Request a quote, and we’ll contact you about setting up an on-site inspection at your facility. During the inspection, we will work closely with you to identify problems and find the solutions that best fit your operation.


Once we have determined the best plan of action for your facility, we can schedule your fan blade repair and restoration work during one of your regularly scheduled maintenance periods, keeping downtime to a minimum. Some jobs take as little as three days to complete.

Blade Cleaning

We begin the work by cleaning your blades using high-pressure washing equipment. This removes mineral and environmental buildup from the surface and restores your equipment to its original condition.

Blade Repair

Next, we examine your blades and look for any issues that might need fixing, like nicks, dings, and erosion. When necessary, we use UV-resistant resins and epoxies to make your blades “like new” again.

Blade Refinishing

After cleaning and restoring your blades to their original condition, they are ready to be refinished using a fully submersible and UV-resistant-grade epoxy. We then check the balancing of the fan to ensure optimal operation. Balance is maintained consistently because the blades remain where they are while we do our work.

Maintenance Program

With restoration complete, we will get you started on our Blade Smart Maintenance Program to maximize the life of your restored blades. We will work within your schedule to set up your future maintenance inspections.

Schedule an Inspection or Get a Quote

Schedule your on-site inspection by calling us today. You can also send us a message to request a quote and expect a call from us soon.