Cooling Tower Fan Blade Repair

Our Process

We use our proven process to clean, repair and refinish your existing cooling tower fan blades.  Our restorations services are a huge cost savings over replacement – roughly half the cost of replacement parts.  We also dramatically reduce down time as blades usually do not have to be removed from the cooling tower and we’ll perform the work conveniently during one of your company’s scheduled maintenance periods.

Here is how our simple six-step process works:

Step One – Onsite Inspection

Request a quote and we’ll contact you about setting up an onsite inspection at your facility.  At the inspection, we will work closely with you to identify problems and find the best solutions for your operation.

Step Two – Scheduling the Work

Once we have determined the plan of action for your facility, you can schedule the fan blade repair and restoration work during one of your operation’s regularly scheduled maintenance periods, keeping down time to minimum. Some jobs take as little as three days.

Step Three – Clean Blades

When the work begins, we will start by cleaning the blades with high pressure washing equipment to restore all fan blades to their original condition by removing mineral and environmental build-up from the blade surface.

Step Four – Repair Blades

The next step in our blade life-extending process is to inspect blades for any areas that need repair. We repair any nicks, dings and erosion to the blade, leading edge and trailing edges. Using UV-resistant resins and epoxies, we return the fan blades to “like new” condition.

Step Five – Refinish Blades

After cleaning and repair the cooling fan blades back to their original condition, they are ready to be refinished using a fully submersible and UV resistant grade epoxy After refinishing, we check the balancing of the fan to ensure optimal operation. Consistently, balance is maintained because blades are no removed during our work.

Step Six – Maintenance Program

With restoration complete, we will get you started on your Blade Smart Maintenance Program to maximize the life of your restored blades. We will work with you calendar to schedule maintenance inspections.

Call today to schedule your Onsite Inspection – (989) 275-8043 or fill out the Get a Quote form and we’ll call you!

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The Benefits

  • Money Saving
  • Time Saving
  • Hassle-Free
  • Blade Protection
  • Maintenance Program
  • Sustainable